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an open source developer platform

Fabric8 is an integrated open source DevOps and Integration Platform which works out of the box on any Kubernetes or OpenShift environment and provides Continuous Delivery, Management, ChatOps and a Chaos Monkey.

Fabric8 DevOps is made up of the following Open Source components:

Continuous Improvement

Chaos Monkey Randomly kills pods to help check your environment can withstand failures Kibana Lets you view, filter and search all logs and events that have been written to Elasticsearch.
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch is a distributed fault tolerant scalable search engine for logs, events and documents Grafana Rich metrics dashboard and graph editor for Prometheus and InfluxDB
Prometheus Service monitoring, metrics and alerting system with a time series database Console Console and deep visualisation into projects, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker and JVMs


Slack Public hosted chat service Let's Chat Open source on premise chat service

Systems Availability

Docker Linux container API, runtime, tooling and image registry Kubernetes Container orchestration
OpenShift A PaaS (Platform As A Service) based on Docker and Kubernetes  


Jenkins Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using reusable Jenkins Workflows Nexus Maven repository manager for Canary and Promoted releases along with a mirror of central maven repositories
Hubot Chat bot with gateways to various chat services like Slack, Let's Chat, IRC and many others Arquillian System testing of Docker containers and Kubernetes resources in JUnit and Jenkins
JBoss Forge A Java toolbox to help create apps faster  


Gerrit Code review of changes Gogs On premise git repository hosting
Taiga Project Management Tool (i.e. issue tracker and kanban board)