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an open source integration platform

What is Fabric8?

fabric8 is an open-source integration platform for deep management of Java Containers (JVMs).

fabric8 makes it really easy to provision, automate, configure, and manage from a central location with a consistent UI and UX.

It also gives you non-functional requirements like configuration management, service discovery failover, load balancing, centralized monitoring, automation, and more!

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create brokers create clusters and networks of brokers the easy way

rolling upgrades of code or configuration changes

Get Started

fabric8 is designed to make it really easy to run a number of containers on your own hardware using Java or in the open hybrid cloud via OpenShift Online, OpenShift Enterprise and docker

try fabric8 on your computer

try fabric8 on an open hybrid cloud:

fabric8 on docker

fabric8 on OpenShift V3

fabric8 on OpenShift V2


fabric8 is the open source community project (sponsored by Red Hat, Inc.) for the Fabric capability which has been integrated into JBoss Fuse and JBoss A-MQ for a number of years (since 6.0 of JBoss Fuse and 7.x of Fuse ESB)

the new io.fabric8 package structure is included in version 6.1 or later of JBoss Fuse and JBoss A-MQ

JBoss Fuse

JBoss A-MQ