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Fabric8 Quickstarts

Fabric8 ships with a set of quickstarts which shows you how to build a docker image and run it on Kubernetes / OpenShift. All quickstart can either run directly by checking it out from the ipaas-quickstarts GitHub project or run as an archetype.

First time users of fabric8 may enjoy a walk through a simple quickstart to show you step by step how to work with the quickstarts. A video of the walkthrough is also available.

The following quickstarts are available:

  • CDI quickstarts using standalone Java container with CDI injected components
    • camel shows how to work with Camel in the Java container using CDI.
    • camel-mq shows how to call an ActiveMQ broker Kubernetes service from a Camel CDI application.
    • camel-http - shows how to call a Kubernetes service with HTTP from a Camel CDI application.
    • cxf - shows how to work with CXF in the Java Container using CDI to configure CXF REST services.
  • Java quickstarts using standalone plain Java container
    • camel-spring demonstrates how to run a Spring based Camel application as a standalone Java container. The Camel route is defined in a Spring XML file.
    • simple-fatjar this example shows how to start the Java Container using your custom main class as a FAT jar.
    • simple-mainclass this example shows how to start the Java Container using your custom main class as a main class.
  • Karaf quickstarts using Apache Karaf containers.
    • camel-amq demonstrates using Apache Camel to send and recieve messages to an Apache ActiveMQ message broker, using the Camel amq component.
    • camel-log is a beginner example using Apache Camel that logs a message every 5th second.
    • camel-rest-sql demonstrates how to use SQL via JDBC along with Camel's REST DSL to expose a RESTful API.
    • cxf-rest is a set of web service and REST examples using Apache CXF.
  • Spring Boot quickstarts
    • camel demonstrates how you can use Apache Camel with Spring Boot.
    • webmvc demonstrates how you can use Spring MVC with Spring Boot.
  • War quickstarts are using Java Servlet containers, supporting WAR deployments.
    • camel-servlet demonstrates how you can use Servlet to expose a http service in a Camel route, and run that in a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.
    • cxf-cdi-servlet demonstrates how to create a RESTful (JAX-RS) web service using Apache CXF and expose it using CDI running in servlet container as a war
    • wildfly demonstrates how to deploy a simple Application as war on a Wildfly instance

You can use this quickstarts either as an archetype or directly by checking out the https://github.com/fabric8io/ipaas-quickstarts project.

Detailed instruction for running the quickstarts can be found in an each section "Running Quickstarts"