Fabric8 Documentation


For each quickstart a dedicate archetype is available. You can create a new project based on the archetype easily:

mvn archetype:generate \
      -DarchetypeGroupId=io.fabric8.archetypes \
      -DarchetypeArtifactId=cdi-camel-archetype \

You will be asked for some project parameters like the groupId or the artifactId:

[INFO] --- maven-archetype-plugin:2.3:generate (default-cli) @ standalone-pom ---
[INFO] Generating project in Interactive mode
[INFO] Archetype repository not defined. Using the one from [io.fabric8.archetypes:cdi-camel-archetype:2.2.101] found in catalog remote
Define value for property 'groupId': : myf8
Define value for property 'artifactId': : cdi-demo
Define value for property 'version':  1.0-SNAPSHOT: :
Define value for property 'package':  myf8: :
Confirm properties configuration:
groupId: myf8
artifactId: cdi-demo
version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT
package: myf8
 Y: :

The only two required properties are groupId and artifactId so you can create the project also easily with batch mode, providing the parameters as Maven properties:

mvn archetype:generate -B \
      -DarchetypeGroupId=io.fabric8.archetypes \
      -DarchetypeArtifactId=cdi-camel-archetype \
      -DgroupId=myf8 \
      -DartifactId=d2 \

The name of the archetypeArtifactId consists of the category (cdi,java,karaf,spring-boot or war), the subproject within it (e.g. camel for cdi but see also the overview) and the fixed suffix -archetype.