Fabric8 Documentation


The maven fabric8:delete-pods goal queries all the Pods in the current Kubernetes namespace to find all the pods using the current maven projects docker image and deletes them.

This will then cause the replication controllers in Kubernetes to recreate the pods again.

This is a useful way in development to quickly upgrade to a new docker image.

Quickly try docker images locally

When running with DOCKER_HOST and KUBERNETES_MASTER pointing at your local fabric8 vagrant image if you are inside a project you can run:

mvn clean install docker:build fabric8:delete-pods

Then the following happens:

  • the maven project will be rebuilt
  • the docker image is built inside the docker daemon in the fabric8 vagrant image
  • all current pods using this image are then deleted, causing the replication controllers to recreate the pods again using the newly created image.

i.e. you should now have all the pods running in your vagrant image updated to the new docker image you just built.