Note currently Jube got broken as fabric8 followed OpenShift 1.0 and Kubernetes 1.0. We will be fixing this soon ;)

For users who cannot use Linux or go lang compiled binaries or are not ready to go with Kubernetes / OpenShift V3 or Docker, we have a pure Java implementation of Kubernetes called Jube.

Jube supports the Kubernetes REST APIs for container orchestration using 100% pure Java; so runs on any platform which has a Java 7 runtime. The motivation for Jube is to primarily support running Java based application servers and services on non-Linux operating systems; we have no plans to try emulate the whole docker ecosystem :). We highly recommend you use Linux and Docker whenever you can; if you can't then Jube can help!

Jube lets you develop all your applications on Kubernetes; even when you need to run Java middleware on operating systems that are not modern linux environments (e.g. AIX, Solaris, Windows) or when Go Lang or Docker are not natively supported.