Add a quickstart to the App Library

Note currently Jube got broken as fabric8 followed OpenShift 1.0 and Kubernetes 1.0. We will be fixing this soon ;)

The web console has a Wiki which acts as a place you can store any documentation or App Zips.

Adding or removing Apps

You can add or remove an App Zip by dragging folders from the wiki's view to your file system; or dragging an App Zip from your file system and dropping it onto the file listing view in the Wiki.

Using mvn fabric8:deploy

You can use the mvn fabric8:deploy goal to run the zip goal to make an App Zip and then post it to the App Library in your web console using the FABRIC8_CONSOLE environment variable.

e.g. run the following

git clone
cd quickstarts
mvn install
cd quickstarts/java/camel-spring
mvn clean install fabric8:deploy
  • Now if you look at the Library Tab in the web console you should see a java-camel-spring folder with a nice camel icon on it.
  • Click on the link, that should take you to the App page which should show the documentation
  • On the top right you should see a Run button - click it to run the app
  • Now you should be able to see any created kubernetes resources in the tabs: Pods, Replication Controllers or Services in the web console. Note that the first thing to be created are the replication controllers which then try to start the pods.