Fabric8 Documentation

Upgrading Fabric8

As of version 2.4.24 of the fabric8 platform we now release the necessary metadata for gofabric8 to know what package(s) are installed, to list their available versions and how to upgrade/downgrade them.

To list the packages and versions you have installed type:

gofabric8 packages

For a specific package, such as fabric8-platform to find all the available versions type:

gofabric8 package-versions fabric8-platform

Then to perform an upgrade to the latest version type:

gofabric8 upgrade --all

Which will iterate over all packages, check if there's a newer version available and if so upgrade to it.

You can upgrade a specific package by adding its name as a command line argument like this:

gofabric8 upgrade fabric8-platform

You can also go back to an older version using the --version argument:

gofabric8 upgrade --version=2.4.24 fabric8-platform

The gofabric8 command will check for Package resources (which are ConfigMap with a label fabric8.io/kind=package) which have the version on a label and have the metadata to be able to find the available versions and download the YAML files.

If you have an older version of fabric8 platform installed before version 2.4.24 then to upgrade you need to specify the name of the package to upgrade:

gofabric8 upgrade fabric8-platform

This will then ugprade to the latest version and install the necessary Package metadata so that gofabric8 is now aware of what version of the package is installed to smooth the upgrade/downgrade process.