Fabric8 Documentation

Getting started with Kubernetes

First you wiil need a Kubernetes cluster to play with. If you don't yet have a Kubernetes cluster you could try these instructions to install a Kuberentes cluster or try GKE.

Checking your connection

Once you have your kubernetes cluster then check you can connect to it via:

kubectl get pods

You may also want to setup bash completion for kubectl which can make working with kubectl much more fun ;).

Run the gofabric8 installer

The easiest way to install fabric8 on Kubernetes or OpenShift is the gofabric8 command line tool.

Download the latest gofabric8 binary, extract it and add it to your $PATH

Now type the following:

gofabric8 deploy -y
gofabric8 secrets -y

Note: If you install not locally you might have to pass the domain name to the -d option so you can access any app later in the browser. E.g.:

gofabric8 deploy -d mydomain.com -y
gofabric8 secrets -y

Note: If you wish to use a different domain name to your kubernetes API server, you will need to provide the --api-server parameter to point to the api. e.g.:

gofabric8 deploy -d mydomain.com --api-server=master.mydomain.com -y
gofabric8 secrets -y

By default the full Fabric8 Microservices Platform with CI / CD support is installed. If you want just install the fabric8 console then you can add the --app command line argument and leaving the value blank

gofabric8 deploy -y -d mydomain.com --app=


New releases of fabric8 now have persistence enabled for some apps (like gogs, nexus, jenkins), so please see this guide on creating the necessary persistent volumes or opting out of persistence

Validating your install

At any point you can validate your installation via:

gofabric8 validate

You can also eagerly pull docker images for a Fabric8 template via the pull command

gofabric8 pull cd-pipeline

Install or upgrade applications using Helm

You can install or upgrade application using the helm command line tool.

Next steps

You can now install more fabric8 applications.


Check out the troubleshooting guide for more help.