Fabric8 Documentation


Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. It allows you to package and release applications as tarballs (called charts) into a versioned repository and then lets you install, upgrade or remove the apps.

So helm is a great way to install fabric8 on an existing kubernetes cluster and then later on upgrade it when a new release of fabric8 comes out.

NOTE currently helm does not properly support OpenShift since OpenShift uses lots of non-standard resource kinds - so for now we recommend not using Helm for OpenShift -instead we recommend using the gofabric8 installer for OpensShift. We do hope long term to have great helm support for OpenShift though - as we view it as essential technology for managing upgrades of software.

Installing fabric8 with helm

You can install the fabric8 platform using helm via the following:

Setup helm

Before installing any helm chart you need to setup Helm

helm init

this will initialise helm on your kubernetes cluster

Add the fabric8 repository

We maintain helm charts for all the microservices in the fabric8 ecosystem and store them in the fabric8 helm chart repository.

To add the fabric8 repository to your helm installation type:

helm repo add fabric8 https://fabric8.io/helm

Install the fabric8 platform

helm install fabric8/fabric8-platform

Query all other fabric8 charts

helm search fabric8