Fabric8 Documentation

Fabric8 Microservices Platform

Fabric8 provides a completely integrated open source Microservices Platform which works out of the box on any Kubernetes or OpenShift environment.

The entire platform is modular and based on Microservices so you can use as much or as little of Microservices Platform as you wish! Its Microservices all the way down!

The available services in Microservices Platform are:

  • Developer Console is a rich web application which provides a single plane of glass to create, edit, build, deploy and test Microservices
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to help teams deliver software in a faster and more reliable way via:
    • the following open source projects:
      • Jenkins for Building, Continuous Integration and creating Continuous Delivery pipelines
      • Nexus as the artifact repository for caching public artifacts and hosting canary and real release artifacts
      • Gogs for on premise git repository hosting and GitHub for public hosting
      • SonarQube provides a platform to maintain code quality
    • Jenkins Workflow Library to help reuse a library of reusable Jenkins Workflow scripts across projects
    • fabric8.yml file as a per project configuration file to tie together the various projects, repositories, chat rooms, workflow script and issue tracker
  • ChatOps of all the development and management services via hubot lets your team embrace devops, have chat notifications of changes to the system and use chat for approval of release promotion
  • Chaos Monkey to test the resilience of your system by killing pods!
  • Management
    • Logging provides consolidated logging and visualisation of log statements and events across your environment
    • Metrics provides consolidated historical metric collection and visualisation across your environment


Here is a video demonstrating Microservices Platform: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment with automatic integration testing, staging and approval for production releases


To install any of the above apps see the Install Fabric8 on Kubernetes or OpenShift Guide