Fabric8 Documentation


To go faster developing Microservices its great to automate everything and have a Continuous Deployment pipeline for each Microservice. The pipeline then defines how to:

  • build your Microservice and create an immutable docker image for it with a unique version label
  • generate or enrich the versioned Kubernetes manifest for your Microservice
  • run system and integration tests on your image to check its working correctly
  • deploy your Microservice to an environment
  • on approval deploy to the production environment

In fabric8 we use Jenkins Pipelines to implement the pipeline for each Microservice. The pipeline is defined in a file called Jenkinsfile which is checked into the source repository of each Microservice so that its versioned along with the implementation code.

To get started with your first pipeline, just create a new Microservice using the Developer Console which will prompt you to pick a suitable pipeline from the Reusable Pipeline Library