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Data Transform

There are various tools supported in Apache Camel for performing data transformation and implementing the Message Translator pattern. For example there's always Java code via the Bean Integration or using XQuery if you need to transform XML into XML.

Our recommended general purpose transformation engine for taking any kind of Java object and converting it into any other Java object is Dozer as

  • it has great camel integration which works great with Camel's inbuilt type conversion repository
  • its fast and doesn't pretend things are all XML or SQL underneath like some transformation frameworks do; instead it uses the most efficient JVM level representations of objects (e.g. beans)
  • rather like Camel it has a Java and XML DSL for defining the transformations; plus is has a nice hawtio plugin for viewing and editing the mapping.

The idea then is to use the different Data Formats in Camel to unmarshal data into some Java object structure; or to marshal it from a Java object structure to some data format. Then we have the best flexibility; all the Data Formats, Java objects as the in memory structure and Dozer for the transformation engine.

Getting started with Dozer and fabric8

The easiest way to get started is: