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For the latest and greatest articles on fabric8 check out the fabric8 blog and the fabric8 video stream.

Blog      Articles and demo videos


For the latest and greatest videos on fabric8 check out:

YouTube Channel      Vimeo Stream

Issue Tracker

The project tracks bugs, feature requests, and other issues through the Github issue tracking system.

Issue Tracker

To file new issues or comment on existing issues you need to register for a Github account which is quick and easy!

Stack Overflow

We also keep an eye out on Stack Overflow for questions which makes it really easy to find answers to questions and commonly found problems. Though if you're running into an issue please use our issue tracker instead.

Stack Overflow


Come and chat with our team and community on Slack!

Chat on Slack     Join the fabric8 team

Or if you prefer web based IRC


If you use an IRC client then join the #fabric8 channel on


Mailing List

We prefer to use the issue tracker for dealing with ideas and issues, but if you just want to chat about all things fabric8 please join us on the mailing list. Its pretty low volume though as we love github issues

Mailing List


Follow us on twitter to get updates and related posts


Source Repository

All the fabric8 source code is managed using the distributed version system git and hosted on github.


Both git and Github are awesome for collaboration! To make improvements or bug fixes to the fabric8 project, simply fork the project, commit your changes, and send a pull request.


We love contributions!

How To Contribute

Please dive in wherever takes your fancy!