Fabric8 Documentation

Fabric8 Apps

The following Apps are included in the Fabric8 distribution.

  • Management
    • Console provides a nice web application based on hawtio for working with your apps, pods, [replication controllers]
    • Logging provides consolidated logging and visualisation of log statements and events across your environment
    • Metrics provides consolidated historical metric collection and visualisation across your environment (replicationControllers.html) and services
    • App Library provides a configurable library of Apps you can easily run and install or uninstall; rather like your library of Apps on a mobile device. APIs in your cluster.
  • Continuous Delivery to help teams deliver software in a faster and more reliable way
    • Jenkins for Building, Continuous Integration and creating Continuous Delivery pipelines
    • Nexus as the artifact repository for caching public artifacts and hosting canary and real release artifacts
    • Gogs for on premise git repository hosting and GitHub for public hosting
    • SonarQube provides a platform to maintain code quality
    • Chat provides a hubot app and a notification engine to post build completion events to a chat room (which defaults to one room per kubernetes namespace).
  • iPaaS provides an Integration Platform As A Service
    • API Registry provides a global view of all of your RESTful and web service APIs that is displayed in the Console allowing you to inspect and invoke all the endpoints
    • MQ implements Messaging As A Service with Apache ActiveMQ on Kubernetes.
    • MQ AutoScaler monitors and scales the Apache ActiveMQ brokers running on Kubernetes


To install any of the above apps see the Install Fabric8 on Kubernetes or OpenShift Guide