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Getting Started



This distro is still experimental


This distro is still experimental

If you've used a previous version, you may want to check out the Change Log


Unpack the tarball:

cd ~/Downloads
unzip fabric8-karaf-1.2.0.Beta4.zip
cd fabric8-karaf-1.2.0.Beta4

Or, build the project with Maven via:

MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m"
mvn -DskipTests clean install -Pall
cd fabric/fabric8-karaf/target
unzip fabric8-karaf-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT.zip
cd fabric8-karaf-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Create a fabric

By default, fabric starts up with a default admin user with username admin and password admin. This can be changed by editing the etc/users.properties file before starting fabric for the first time.

Now to create a fabric using the karaf distribution type:


If you are using the Tomcat or TomEE distribution type:

bin/fabric8 run

Once the container has started up, you have a working Fabric and you can connect to the console.

Use the web console

Then open the hawtio based console via the Karaf web console, which runs on port 8181:


Then check out the documentation in the embedded fabric8 wiki to guide you through all the available profiles you can create in a new container or add to an existing container.

Or check out:

Web console for Tomcat or TomEE distributions

If you are using the Tomcat or TomEE distribution, then the console is on port 8080, and the console is deployed under the hawtio context path. The url for the web console is therefore:


View a demo

To help you get started, you could watch one of the demos in the JBoss Fuse and JBoss A-MQ demo album

For example, try the JBoss Fuse 6.1 Demo

Try QuickStarts

New users to Fabric8 should try the QuickStarts.

Read the documentation

Check out the Overview and User Guide.