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Getting Started

## Getting Started

There are 2 main ways to get started.


The easiest as a Java developer is to start with Jube; since you've probably already got Java and Maven installed so you're almost ready to go:


The ideal linux based platform for running Fabric8 is OpenShift V3:

If you are not running a modern Linux we recommend you start with OpenShift on docker:

If you want to test a multi-minion system then we recommend you try vagrant:

Or you could try install OpenShift directly on your laptop. Note that this currently only works on Linux (but hopefully will be fixed soon!):

Deploy a quickstart

Once you have OpenShift running from one of the above methods you can now try to deploy an application:

  1. Deploy an example quickstart project
  2. Check out the Quickstarts


Hopefully that will get you started quickly; if you hit any issues check out the FAQ, get in touch or raise an issue